Disasters are always learning lessons for many people. Problems indicate that the system is not perfect and has room for improvement. The same principle can be applied to the buildings in New York where the law suggests that the sky-high buildings should be made safe and for that purpose, many building codes of conducts are developed to make people’s life safe and easy. The NYC Building Code is also created to give proper rights and instructions to building owners in making the infrastructure safe and with proper utilities.


With many disasters and natural causes creating damage in the buildings and for the occupants, the board of directors planned to take such preventive measures that the living of people and the infrastructure commodity is reduced. With 9/11 as a tragic example, the New York officials declared some rules and regulations for building owners to follow and prevent such incidents from happening again. The NYC Building Code is a proper guideline on how to cater to all the problems in the high-rise infrastructures. The codes also help in the prevention of hazards and instruct owners to take preventive measures in making the buildings safe for their occupants. The respective code lies in the 2014 construction codes of New York which also include the following:

  • General Administrative Provision
  • Energy Code
  • Fuel Gas Code
  • Mechanical Code
  • Plumbing Code

The code guides on the following topics:

  • Detailed Requirements of Occupants
  • Building Height and Area to be covered
  • Types of Construction Methods
  • Fire Hazard Protection and Sprinkler Installation
  • Smoke Prevention Measures
  • Roof Structure and Accessibility
  • Interior Floor Plan and Design
  • Energy Efficient Wiring
  • Structural Design and Special Test
  • Construction and Demolishment Safeguard
  • Public Rights of Owner
  • Basic Utilities


This code is the backbone of all the buildings being constructed in New York nowadays and is a great guide for constructors and technicians in making the building an excellent place for residence and business. The prevention methodologies relieve the mind of the occupants against any future incidents because all precautionary measures are entertained in the code of conduct. From basic utilities to floor plans to building infrastructure, the guidelines cover all the basic grounds in creating a happy and safe living in the city of New York. Many respectable technicians and builders implement these methodologies and have succeeded in creating respectable landmarks that are truly inspiring.

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