Kirkland, Washington has a total of 14 neighborhoods that have varying characteristics aimed at satisfying the preferences of various residents in the city. These neighborhoods stretch from the shores of Lake Washington all the way back to the highlands of the town.

Kirkland neighborhoods have a wide variety of homes for potential homeowners to choose from depending on their preference, family size, and financial ability. In the recent past condos for sale in Seattle WA have become popular among all age groups that seem to appreciate the added perks that come with shared living spaces.


Kirkland condos for sale are spread out in all the neighborhoods of the city. Location is a very important factor to residents in this city. Condos for sale in Kirkland located at the waterfront neighborhoods of Finn Hill, Market, Juanita, Moss Bay, and Lakeview come with the incentive of having an unobstructed view of Lake Washington. The waterfront location often comes with a hefty price tag but the stunning views of the lake are well worth it.

The same waterfront condos often offer spectacular views of the Seattle skyline that lies on the opposite side of the lake as a constant reminder that the hassle and bustle of the city still lives on.

Neighborhoods such as Everest, Houghton, and Lakeview have a large youthful population due to the presence of Northwest University in the city. Potential condo buyers in these neighborhoods should be comfortable with the idea of sharing living spaces with young people who often lead wild and free lifestyles. The advantage of such neighborhoods is that the nightlife experience is thrilling.

Condos in Kirkland often go up a few stories in order to avoid blocking the stunning views of the lake and the Seattle skyline. The city does not have tall high-rise buildings such as those in New York. This may be an advantage to residents since they get to share the amenities comfortably among a few houses.


People of different ages choose to live the condo lifestyle in Kirkland due to a couple of convenient reasons. For starters, it is often easier to maintain condos than single-family homes. This is because with condos, residents only need to take care of the interior of their homes while the housing association takes care of the exteriors such as staircases, elevators, gyms, backyards, and parks. Notably, the housing association of each neighborhood in Kirkland charges a specified monthly maintenance fee to cater for the services they offer.

The fact that a couple of condos are built on a space that would have been accommodated by one single family home means that it may be affordable to acquire a condo in certain areas. This factor allows homebuyers to live in their dream locations in Kirkland, such as the waterfront neighborhoods, at an affordable price tag.

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