Due to increasing competition, Airbnb hosts are having a tough time doing business. If you seek more bookings and want to improve the scope of your listings, you need to focus on many aspects, including guest reviews. With 5 stars Airbnb guest reviews, the SEO rankings of your listings will get better, and soon enough, Airbnb will list you as a Superhost, which will help in getting more bookings.

Getting the facts right

According to data available, only 20% of all Airbnb guests care to write reviews for their stay. Quite obviously, you need to persuade your guests in subtle ways, so that they bother to leave a comment. In this post, we have 7 amazing tips that will come handy for getting great Airbnb guest reviews.

  1. Write reviews for all bookings. Regardless of whether the guest bothers to reply or not, you need to review your guests, even if they stayed for a night. Thanks to software like AirGMS, you don’t have to do everything manually. You will have templates that will ease the process of reviewing effectively and the process of reviewing will also be automated. That brings your Airbnb property management to a whole new level.
  1. Be genuine. You need to provide and offer what you have promised in your listings, and probably a little more. People love hosts who care for their guests, and you need to be genuine with your listings and photos.
  1. Offer your personal attention. Personal interaction with your guests is an aspect you cannot afford to ignore. If you are too busy, make sure to email them before they arrive, so that they have all the relevant details. Also, give your number or at least your manager’s contact in advance.
  1. Ask for reviews. Yes, you read that right. People don’t really bother about reviewing Airbnb listings, until the hosts ask for that. If you feel your guests had a good time, ask them to leave a review before they leave.
  1. Reply as soon as you can. Once a guest has posted a review, don’t take a lot of time to reply back. Thank your guests for choosing your listing, and if they have any complaint or suggestion, accept that humbly. Quick response can help in fostering respect considerably.

  1. Don’t get mad at bad reviews. Bad reviews on Airbnb are not uncommon, so don’t panic right away. If your guest didn’t like a particular thing, it’s okay. Accept your fault and promise them to do better. In case someone has posted a wrong allegation, be careful with your response. Don’t use a lot of harsh words, but focus on facts and information, so as to make your point without being rude.
  1. Choose your words carefully. When you write reviews for your guests, you need to be careful with your choice of words. Don’t try to please the other person, and at the same time, don’t show your anger either. You would want to state things in a genuine way, so that your guests have enough reasons to return.

Pay a little more attention to these aspects, and getting a good Airbnb reviews shouldn’t  be a hard task at all!


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